SNG and MTT Strategy

The basics of tournament poker strategy apply to both these forms of poker as the aim remains the same – to accumulate chips. The differences are really on the optimal way to get those chips.


The most obvious difference between the two forms of tournament poker is of course the number of players involved. So how does this affect the best way to play?

SNG Strategy

In a single table tournament (STT), with less people and less playing time, the actions and plays are going to be relatively similar in every tournament. The three stages we’ve already mentioned will occur at roughly the same times and you can be quite successful in STT poker games by sticking to a game plan and playing solid ABC poker.

Play tight early

It is particularly important in an STT to keep it tight early and not play too many h  The blinds relative to stack sizes are usually higher, and increase more quickly than in multi table tournament (MTT). So every chip is valuable, even in the early stages. Patience is again the key – but you can’t be too patient for too long as the blinds will keep going up and you need to know when to make your move.

Faster Structure

Because of less overall chips and a faster structure, the time to put your tournament life on the line will come round quicker in an STT than in an MTT. Learning when is the right time to go all in and go for it, and when it is best to wait for a better opportunity is vital to success in these tournaments.

Post flop play in MTT's

In an MTT, there tends to be a lot more post-flop play, and the dynamic of the tournament can change many times. Successful MTT strategy is definitely more complex than for the single table games and it is important to be able to frequently adjust to the changing situations.

Best Advice...

The very best advice to offer any new poker player is to first learn the basics and get comfortable with them. Then start to mix up your game and experiment with different styles. If you are playing with the same people at a weekly home game, try not to get too predictable. Gain as much information as you can about your opponents, while giving away as little as possible.

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