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With the explosion of interest in poker games over recent years, more and more people are playing in localised poker tournaments. From private home games played in private residences, to charity tournaments or a poker league in a bar there are many opportunities to get involved in playing this exciting game.

A poker tournament structure is primarily used to dictate the amount of the blinds & antes (forced bets) at each level, how long each level lasts and when breaks are scheduled. If you are trying to concentrate on playing a game of cards, holding this information in your head can get a little confusing.

This is why you should use a Poker Tournament Clock!

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Poker Clock

Benefits of using a poker clock

The beauty of poker is the simplicity of the game. Just learn the rules and hand rankings and you are ready to shuffle up and deal. For a poker tournament, it is important to keep track of the blind levels and timings, among other things. Professionally organised tournaments will always use some form of poker tournament timer or a poker clock to ensure an efficient and free flowing game.

Our poker clock software automatically keeps track of everything, giving your tournament a professional feel and allowing player to concentrate on playing the game.

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Poker Clock Setup

Poker Clock Features

Our poker clock software is more than just a blinds timer – it is a fully functional poker tournament manager. The features of our free poker clock make running a poker tournament much easier for the organiser.

You set the blind structures and the length of the levels, and the poker clock does the rest. The settings are easy to change and can be adjusted depending on the type of tournament being played.
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How to use the Clock

Like the game of poker itself, our poker clock software is very simple.

Our poker clock is free, easy to setup and straightforward to use. Once the clock software is setup up for your poker tournament, just click a button and let the game commence.
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Poker Home Games

If you have never run your own home poker game or organised a poker tournament before, we can offer a few tips to help.

Our guide to home poker games tells you everything you need to know about running a poker tournament using our free poker clock software. Learn about the equipment required, how to setup your game and using a blind structure.
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Poker Clock Tournament Strategy