Press Release for Launch New Advanced Poker Clock Software - Available Now For Free have announced the launch of their new sophisticated, advanced web based poker clock software. Designed and built by poker professionals, their poker clock is a complete poker tournament manager. Highly functional and simple to use,’s software means it has never been easier to manage the blinds and levels in a poker tournament.

The web based poker clock requires no download and is available at now – free of charge. It is compatible with PC, Apple Mac, iPad and iPhone.

Using a good poker clock makes it so much easier for both the organisers of a poker tournament and the players. The software ensures the smooth running of a poker game, and helps poker players know exactly the information they need from just a quick glance at the display.

Representatives of said “ We wanted to create a poker clock with great features, that was still easy to use, and that displayed the relevant information to the players clearly and concisely. What we’ve produced is so much more than a poker clock – it’s a fully functional poker tournament manager. We’ve tested it extensively on poker players and received excellent feedback so far.

The range of customisable fields in the tournament editor mean tournaments of any size and length can be set up, making it suitable for organising any scale of poker tournament. From a small home game right up to large commercial tournaments, the software does the job.

The interactive clock display is pleasing on the eye and clearly displays the relevant tournament information – such as the current blind level, time left until to break, the number of players left and the average chip stack. Organisers can also add and remove entries directly from the display screen, without having to access the backend – meaning no interruptions to the tournament are required.

The most innovative feature this poker clock provides is the ability to synchronise the tournaments across multiple platforms or devices. There is no need to have a laptop perched on the end of a poker table so everyone can see it – players can simply log in to on their iPhone and view the display directly.

Other features include the option to add cash to the prize-pool, and include rebuys and add ons. To use the software for free, register now at

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