How to use the Poker Clock

Our poker clock is not only incredibly functional, but also extremely easy to use. The software is intuitive and very user-friendly. Operation of the clock is largely self-explanatory, and we have added a step-by-step guide to using it.

Getting Started

  • You must be logged in at to use the software. Register or login if you have already signed up.
  • To get started with your first tournament click the Add Tournament button and enter the name of the tournament you wish to create. Your tournament will then appear.
    • If you have previously created tournaments, and wish to use one of those for a base for the new tournament click on the Clone button to replicate it before making the required edits.
  • To start editing your new tournament (or to edit an existing one), click the Open button for the required tournament and then the Edit button.
  • There are four tabs you can select in Edit mode – General, Level, Prizes and Status.

General Tab

  • Firstly enter the currency you require in the relevant field.
  • Complete the Buy-In Cost field.
  • In the Buy-In Chips, enter the amount of chips each player will start with.
  • If the tournament has added cash, enter the amount added in the Cash field.
  • For a Freezeout tournament, leave the remaining fields blank.
  • If you are running a Re-buy and/or Add-on tournament, add the relevant information into each field.
  • You can also edit the Tournament Name in this tab.
  • Click the Save button

Levels Tab

  • This section is for setting/editing the blind structure for the tournament.
  • For each blind level (you can have up to 30) enter the amount of the small & big blind, any ante and the length of the level.
  • If you wish to add a break, just add the length of the break into the Break Length field for the level you wish the break to follow.
  • Click the Save button

Prizes Tab

  • This section is to define the pay-out structure of the prize-pool.
  • In each row, enter the position you wish to pay, and the percentage of the prize-pool that place pays.
  • Make sure the total at the top is equal to 100%
  • Click the Save button

Status Tab

  • The Status section enables you to manually set the total entries, number of re-buys & add-ons in a tournament, and the number of players left.
  • These fields can also be automatically adjusted from within the clock display.
  • Click Save and your tournament is complete.

Clock Display

  • Once your tournament settings have been completed and saved, you can access the clock display by clicking the Clock button.
  • From the clock display you can add or remove entries using the relevant +/- buttons.
  • As players are busted out of the tournament, you can adjust the number of current players using the relevant buttons.
  • The Players Left and Average Chips display will automatically update.
  • The clock can be paused/resume by clicking the Pause/Play button.
  • Levels can be skipped or restarted by using the relevant +/- buttons.
  • The Time Slider allows for manually adjusting the time left in a level.
  • To edit the tournament at any time, click the Edit button.
  • To exit the Clock Display, click the Close button.

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