How to Setup a Home Game

Once you have the required equipment, you are ready to set up your poker tournament. This is a straightforward enough process but it is well worth getting everything prepared in advance so the game can get off to a quick start.

Decide a Format

Before you proceed with your home game, you made to make sure you have decided upon the format your game will take. For example, whether you will be playing a cash game or a tournament and what form of poker you will be playing. Texas Hold’em is the most popular form of poker, but there are other games that can be considered.

Define the Rules

Although the fundamental rules of poker are essentially a standard set of rules, there are other considerations that need to be made clear to your players. Specifically, you need to decide the following:

Disagreements and arguments unfortunately can and do occur in poker games, especially if there is money at stake. Such disagreements usually only happen when there are no guidelines in place to deal with a certain scenario arising. By clearly defining the rules of you poker game, you can avoid any arguments and make sure everyone can concentrate on enjoying the game of poker.

Setup the Equipment

Obviously, each player will require a seat, so make sure you have enough chairs to go round. If you are running a big game with a lot of people, remember it is a maximum of 10 players to each table. If you are expecting more than 10, ensure you have enough tables.


Chips should be counted out to make sure everyone has the right size starting stack. Stacks should include plenty of low denomination chips for the early rounds – these can always be “chipped up” later and exchanged for higher denomination chips. Starting chips should be placed in a stack in front of each player for the start of the game.


Of course you’re going to need a deck of cards for each table, and ideally have at least a couple of spare packs too. Depending on who is taking part in your poker game, beer and snacks might be required too!

Use a Poker Clock

If you are going to use a poker clock, the rest becomes very easy. You simply have to set up the required timings, blind structure and pay outs into the poker clock software and set it off when everyone is ready to play. Just make sure that everyone can see the display of whichever format of the clock you are using.


With everything setup correctly and ready to go, you can relax and enjoy your poker game!

Poker Clock Tournament Strategy