Home Game Equipment

If you are running a home poker game then there are two items of equipment you simply must have. The first, and most obvious, is of course some playing cards. Poker is played with a standard deck so there are no special requirements, any pack of playing cards will do. Remember, though, if you are organising a tournament with multiple tables, you will need a pack of cards for each table.

Good Quality Cards

If your home poker game is going to be a regular affair, then it is advisable to buy higher quality playing cards that will last longer than a cheaper set. It is also recommended to have at least a couple of spare packs, in case a card gets bent or marked in some way.

Poker Chips

You will also need some poker chips. Poker chip sets are easy to find – just do a Google search and you will find plenty of options. Numbered chips are best, but as long as you have different colours that is fine. If you’ve got poker cards and poker chips, then it is possible to have a poker game, but there is some other recommended equipment that helps.

Poker Clock / Blinds Timer

A blinds timer, poker clock or poker tournament manager really helps with the smooth running of any poker game. Our poker clock software provides all the functionality needed to help organise an efficient game.

Poker Table

Poker can be played on any table, but specialist poker tables are much better. Usually found with padded edges and a felt covering, a good quality poker table will ensure players are much more comfortable and that cards don’t go flying as they might on a smooth surface. An alternative is a baize cloth which be placed over an existing table to provide a more suitable playing surface.

Other Equipment

There is other equipment you could consider for a home poker game, such as card protectors or an automatic shuffler, but this is really all that is fundamentally important to running a good game.

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