Poker Home Games

Playing poker is great entertainment and it is such a simple game to learn, anyone can take part. Planning a home game for friends and family is easy once you know how. Whether a fun game with the family or a serious money game between competitive friends a poker tournament should always be very enjoyable.

In recent years, online poker has grown massively in popularity and offers a convenient way to play poker in the comfort of your own home, against other players all over the world. Online poker has definitely gone a long way to increase the exposure of the game globally it is a far better known game than ever befo


For the serious player, the opportunity to log in at any time of night or day and find plenty of opponents is of course a welcome one. The ability to play multiple tables and the variety of stakes available have made it much easier to try and make money out of the game. For the casual player, it is a good way to play and learn the game.


However, online poker really is no substitute for a playing a live game with real friends. A home game of poker is an excellent way to get started with the game and have some fun at the same time. Poker is not a difficult game to learn so you don’t need to be an expert or have a professional player come round to be able to organise a decent home game. You just need to grasp the rules of the game and understand a few basic concepts about running a poker tournament.


Our straight forward guide to hosting your own home game will teach anyone how to setup and run a poker tournament. To ensure success, a poker tournament should be well organised and we’ve provided all the advice you need to make that happen. Our home poker guide is divided into the following sections :-


You don’t need much to host a home poker game, but there are a couple of essentials and some recommended pieces of equipment. Getting the right equipment will help you run a successful tournament.

Tournament Setup

If you want your tournament to run smoothly, then make sure you have everything setup correctly. It’s not hard to prepare for a poker tournament and our advice is all you need to know to get your tournament ready.

Blind Structure

The blind structure is a fundamental aspect of any poker tournament. We’ll explain about how blind structures work and how to implement them.


The basic rules of poker are pretty simple, and easy to comprehend. However, each poker tournament needs to clearly define the “house rules” and make sure every player understands them.

Payout Structure

Whether you are playing for big money or pennies, players will want to know what they are playing for. Choosing a payout structure is an important part of running a poker tournament and we provide some advice on how to do that.

Poker Clock Tournament Strategy