Benefits of using a Poker Tournament Clock

With the explosion of interest in poker games over recent years, more and more people are playing in localised poker tournaments. From private home games played in private residences, to charity tournaments or a poker league in a bar there are many opportunities to get involved in playing this exciting game.

Professional Display

Professional poker tournaments are covered extensively on television across the world, and anyone that has spent any time watching these tournaments will surely have noticed how well organised they usually are and how smoothly the action unfolds. It is important to the success of any privately organised tournament to replicate this efficiency and ensure all participants can concentrate on enjoying the poker game.

Synchronisation between multiple clients

For a private home tournament with a few players, a screen displaying the information needs to be visible to each player while in larger tournaments with multiple tables, the clock may need to be visible from many different angles. In most simple poker clocks, the clock runs in a client that must be attached to multiple monitors to present the clock in many displays.

Our poker clock runs on an online sever, which can be attached to several clients, each with their own display. This means you are not limited to one control point for viewing and adjusting the software. Each client can control the clock and other users will see the changes. Our server based clock is also more reliable should a computer malfunction in some way.

Tournament Structure

A poker tournament structure is primarily used to dictate the amount of the blinds & antes (forced bets) at each level, how long each level lasts and when breaks are scheduled. If you are trying to concentrate on playing a game of cards, holding this information in your head can get a little confusing.

Clear Display

Poker Tournament Clock comes into use. Anyone who has played in a home poker tournament at some point will quite probably be familiar with the arguments or disagreements over who is responsible for keeping track of time, what the next level of blinds is supposed to be and so on. This can have a negative effect on what is supposed to be a fun game of cards.

A Poker Tournament Clock takes away all of the potential for disagreements, makes running a tournament incredibly simple and allows the players and organisers to enjoy a well-run card game.

Blind Level increases

An important part of sticking to a tournament structure is the timings of blind level increases. While any clock, watch or even mobile phone could be used for this purpose – it still requires at least one person to be responsible for keeping an eye on the time and keeping the rest of the table informed. A Poker Tournament Clock keeps track of the time in a much more efficient way, and also offers many more benefits. A Poker Tournament Clock ensures everyone is aware of what stage the tournament is at, and how long until the next increase or next break.


A Poker Tournament Clock is typically used on a computer, laptop, iPhone or iPad and prior to the start of a tournament the host or organiser will input all the details of the tournament structure into the clock – such as the standing blinds, length of levels and amount of blind increases. When the tournament is ready to start the clock is set off and automatically keeps track of the time – usually displaying the current blind level, the next blind level and how long until the next blind increase.

Clear display

At a glance, any player knows exactly what the current situation is – which can be useful when looking to make certain decisions. The organiser(s) have a much easier job of keeping track of things too. Poker Tournament Clocks will often display such information as the number of entrants remaining and the average number of chips too. If a break is included in the structure, players can see how long they have left to get that drink from the bar, or take a quick trip to the bathroom without missing any of the play. If a tournament needs to be interrupted for some reason, the clock can be paused and then resumed when everybody is ready.

Main Benefits

The benefits of using a Poker Tournament Clock in this manner will ensure that a poker game is much easier to play in and much simpler to organiser. If you are planning on running your own poker tournament, it is strongly recommended you have one to use.

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